Rome: the golden age

This article describes the strategy needed for a player of the Rome: The Golden Age game to emerge a winner. First, identify your opponent’s weakness and then adjust your strategy accordingly! First, assign the correct value to the real-life value of all your coins. Assigning the correct value means that your opponent doesn’t just get to take your coins, but also gets to keep them!

In the first phase of the game, prior to the big wins, you should know when each of your opponents has placed his/her bets. For example, if your opponent has maxed out his/her casino chips, then this indicates that he/she is likely to get a big win soon. If your competitor has less money than you, then it is probably safe to play the big red reels and try to build your bankroll prior to betting on these slots.

The second phase is much easier. In this phase, you must make sure that you max out all your virtual casinos so that they can be used for future bets. During this time, you can rotate the real life values of your coins around the slots and win the jackpots! The winnings in this case will be doubled or tripled depending on whether you have maxed out your virtual casinos.

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