Dazzle me megaways

Dazzle Me Megaways is a casino game that is played with a wheel and in which the player has to direct different symbols that flash rapidly onto the wheel. These symbols include letters, numbers, icons and special objects. Once the player has used all of his icons, he has to spin again and this time, choose another letter or number. The player can use as many of the symbols as he wants but only a certain number of icons will be available. If any of the Dazzle Me symbols are used more than the other players or if there are flashing lights, sounds and visual effects on the screen for other players to see, then the game has ended and the player has to spin once more to start the next player.

There are two types of Dazzle Me games available on the Internet: one is the free version and the other is a Pay-to-Play (PTP) version. In the free version of the game, one can play against the computer and one can take advantage of the wild icons by using them wisely to create an advantage. However, most players would agree that the pay-to-play version of the game provides more challenging playing conditions. It is because of this reason that most experts have advised that one should always try out the free Dazzle Me games to test whether he/she has the mental capability to handle the challenges that come with playing against an online machine.

In the case of the Dazzle Me Megaways, it was observed that the members of the gaming community had mixed opinions regarding the legality of the game. Some of them considered it as cheating software while others supported its use as it provided genuine casino playing experience without causing any damage to the net. Even though no one was able to prove whether it was legal or not, some of the members of the gaming community did not like the event as it seemed to divert their attention from the game. As a result, the Megaways later became discontinued.

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