4 seasons

If you’re a fan of the Chinese zodiac, you’ll want to check out the 4 Seasons casino slot from Betsoft. This new game has thirty paylines and is designed with ‘user-first’ mentality in mind. This means that you’ll have no trouble finding the right combination of symbols to get a payout. You’ll also appreciate that you can change the imagery and soundtrack to suit your mood and preferences.

The game’s special features include the Seasonal Wheel and the Golden Cat Wild symbols. The seasonal wheel spins every 30 spins, mimicking the passing of each month. Each time the Seasonal Wheel lands on an animal, it marks it as ‘golden’. The golden symbol comes with a 10x multiplier. The animals to its left and right become ‘five’ and ‘two’ times the multiplier that they would otherwise have.

This slot features 3D graphics, animated line win symbols, dynamic background, and seasonal wheel multipliers. These features can help you score astronomical payouts. If you have an interest in playing for real money, you can download the 4 Seasons slot demo for free. You can change the value of a single credit to a maximum of one hundred and fifty credits. If you want to play for real money, however, you’ll need to be prepared to spend a large amount of money.

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