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Zdob si zdub
Zdob si zdub
Zdob si zdub
Zdob si zdub
"Since mid 90s "Zdob si Zdub" combines the hardcore and Moldovan folklore in a unique and elegant way, offering a spectacular live show… call them ethno-rockers, if you wish. Add some hip-hop, drum'n'bass, jungle, punk… an original music crossover, the meeting point of urban intensity and rural spirit. This charismatic band leaves deep traces in Moldova's music history, however feeling at home in front of any audience it reaches." The band "Zdob si Zdub" (from Romanian language- the imitation of Drum sound) was formed in 1994 in Chişinău, Moldova, but its journey began several years before - The prehistory of the band, told by the its frontman, Roman Yagupov: "It all began around 1989-1990. Mihai (who is younger), Anatol (my classmate) and I went to the same school, No.2, in Straseni. I lived far away from the centre of our small town, and sometimes I was coming there, to meet with my friends. Together we played some music, tried to write some of our own songs, watched videos and talked about different things - namely, we creatively spent our leisure time. Gathering at Anatol's place, we played and even recorded some songs (of The Beatles and Roxette) - our drums were the books and we had "antediluvian" microphones. We didn't have our own instruments but forks, spoons, books and an acoustic very used guitar. All our "master pieces" were recorded on a tape recorder "Electronica 302M". The slow process of playing the musicians transformed into something more serious when Mihai's brother, Alexandru, came back from the army. A leader and a dream appeared. Alexandru (Sasha) played well guitar and he was ambitious. He gathered us into a band where everybody had a role. Sasha was the vocals and played guitar, Mihai played the drums, Anatol - also vocal, Anatol's brother (Valeriu) played clarinet. I played guitar. It took us a while to think of a band name and finally we decided on "Santa Maria". Therefore, under this name we held our first live concert at "Ave Beatles" Festival in Chisinau. After this event we started to create a rehearsal place and to buy our own instruments (drums, guitars).
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