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Yolanda be cool
Yolanda be cool
Yolanda be cool
Yolanda be cool
Yolanda be cool is an Australian House/Electro artist out of Sydney, NSW. The following is a quote from the artists MySpace "myspace.com/yolandabecool" Influences: "Congas, bongos, tartalet recordings, old school hip hop, zombie disco squad, german saunas, solo, oliver $, the sweat familia, weirdos, jesse rose, mastiksoul, coffee..." "Oh...And basically teki latek aka on his label Sound Pellegrino...When I play the current house and techno music that I like to my French "banging electro" friends they think it's minimal. When I play it to minimal DJs they think it bangs too hard. We love hard stuff when it's creative and groovy, and we love minimalist music when it's not boring nor serious..... we kinda agree."
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