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Having started out several years ago Yashin have slowly built-up a fanbase that seems to keep growing and growing, regardless of the fact Yashin remain unsigned they are still one of the most loved bands to come out of Glasgow, Scotland having numerous fans not just in Scotland and the rest of UK but globally as well. Yashin come under influences from Funeral for a Friend, Killswitch Engage, Parkway Drive and many more. When Yashin first started out they were finding it very difficult and Michael Rice stated that "There are a lot of talented bands around at the moment and British music is booming. We are trying to secure a record deal, but being in an unsigned band and skint is very difficult" However, despite having to work two jobs each to make ends meet while they rehearse, tour and promote their music, the band, who also included Paul Travers, Andrew and Paul McShane and David Beaton from Glasgow and Greenock - has steadily built up a fan base....
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