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B.haliwood Who We Are Lyrics

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There's a danger in lovin' somebody too much
And you just can't believe it's your heart you can't trust
There's a reason why people don't say who they are
Just can't let go of the pain of a broken heart

Yeah, everyday, wake up to a melody,
Listen to the beats once in my head now on the MTV
in a world where everyone just be addicted to the fame of a life they only dream of,
shit ain't seem the same
And the colors never change to a different shade of grey
Like come back down to earth but you stuck up on the plane
Forever shady weather waitin for the night to change
Yeah, just another way we caught up in this rap game
Doing life here, we brought the fight here,
And all the young that came up in these light years
Yeah, no nightmares, we shed no fight tears
It's twenty thirteen and we have just begun here
Its our destiny to rise to the top and live tomorrow like we ain't gonna get a second shot
This is the gift of life and it's beating hip hop
So we gonna keep on fightin' til' our heartbeats stop.


Here we are, addicted to the counterfeit,
Like how easy we get by livin life up on the count of it
Be only what we say, we listenin to the sound of it,
And every day is ending up like we the ones that founded it.
Wake up every mornin' like we about to write the bar
Exam-ining the industry like how we bout to take it far
-Thur than our predecessors ever dreamed,
only on a star Is what we gonna be chasin' when the parties over where we are,
Ugh, the lime light, I guess that Ds right,
Yolo that motto D, lock that shit tight,
Cause we about launch, outta space flight
Up n' above this bitch, like Weezy for to-night,
Stamp my passport, that ratchet outta sight,
Like some airplanes, on which we wish tonight
So forget tonight, that shit be gettin old,
Cause we about to live the greatest story ever told.

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Yeah, I fell in love with this life but it ain't all I see
The fame of my success is best, but maybe it ain't best for me
Never forget everything that put me here up on the scene
to tell the world my dream like I'm some Martin Luther King
Yeah, All I want to do is to motivate your dreams
And be a leanin' shoulder when life ain't goin' well it seems
Like when your broken heart is torn into a million pieces
I'll be there to stand you up and piggy back ya when you need it yeah,
So the story goes, like nobody knows,
What tomorrow brings, to this private show,
Its always your choice, the path you choose to go
And who'll be waitin for ya, if it start to snow
Maybe it gets cold, but never go below,
this opportunity is knockin' on your double doors,
Whenever you are ready, to take your life for more
Just holla out 'r name and we gon' open up the door.


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    Who We Are Lyrics
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