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Usher The Party Continues Lyrics

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(Jermaine Dupri feat. Da Brat & Usher)

Verse One: Da Brat & Jermaine Dupri While y'all drive match box, I push the hot wheels, Don chichi wit' da masterpeal, Lettin' champane spill, From my house to my grill, see, All I'm about is dat dolla dolla bill, Makin' ya dance every chance i get, Make you say damn do we every catch bricks, Nah, I dont catch those, Keep it getto, stay wit' the best, From the east and the west, now what? Now, every way I pass, They wanna see the big booty, Mamma tap me some ass, And whether you believe it or not, you see us, So So Def make y'all true believers, My whole enterage keep it top notch evidently, We push V's from bently to drop, Got big thang baby I still greedy, To my enemies I hope you keep envyin'. Chorus: Usher Yeah yeah, yeah yeah, Yeah yeah, yeah yeaaaah, All we wanna do is party with you. Verse Two: Da Brat & Jermaine Dupri She da one who love drama, Keep it heated, stay undefeated from the Chi comma Illinois, My crew makes more noise than yours, Fifteen in one do tour make 'em sick with no cure, As she sits by da bar she sips cristy, In the mist of da party, They bump hits by J.D., Da B-R-A-T, we da elemant, And you irrelevant, get down off this sh~t, I don't pay attention to your hatin' and your bad looks, We just tryin' to get paper like Garth Brooks, Keep it off the hook, Make the world feel the touch, Y'all doin' too much, Sayin' y'all can see us, Its like this hear, I rock a party wit the Cardieight wrist wear, Light skin, pretty face, wit' the long hair, And I got lots of dough, Lot's it stow, The C. to the E. O., What you wanna do?
Chorus: Usher Yeah yeah, yeah yeah, Yeah yeah, yeah yeaaaah, All we wanna do is party with you.
Verse Three: Da Brat & Jermaine Dupri See, I get goose bumbs, Wit' da baseline thumps, So phat they call me Professor Clump, I ain't gone front yeah I like to flass, And I aint gone lie about the girls I tossed, Better ask your lil' man where his dough went, Needed mo' rent, we got bent, You know da rest, I split, spent some, Lent some to my friends, If you wanna get down, you gotta get in. Chorus: Usher Yeah yeah, yeah yeah,-so so def
Yeah yeah, yeah yeaaaah, All we wanna do is party with you.

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