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Los The Bottom Lyrics

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I'm from the bottom, From the motherfuckin bottom
I'm from the bottom' You don't want no fuckin problems
The top is sweet, The bottom is sour
But you gotta love the bottom cause the bottom is ours [x2]

I ain't from up north, I ain't from dirty south
I'm from a town niggas never seen never heard about
But fuck word of mouth, Nigga follow that murder route
We like scrappin, But we love pullin them burners out
And we ain't concerned with clout, The bottom is the bottom
Ain't no top out here, Once you got spot em then you got em
We stack the cream, Serve crack to fiends
And wrap the pack-ag-ing in vaseline
Run shops on the block, Keep the stashes clean
We still hittin in the hole, Fuck the tractor beam
The hash is green, Lil shorties is down bad
Empty out the dutch and throw the 40's in brown bags
And I don't know where ya'll was placed in the ground at
But now I'm shakin the ground, Takin my town back
I'm tryin to put us up front, You takin us round back
Rap about bullshit, Makin us sound wack
I'm breakin it down fact for fact, You opinionated
I'm a limited edition, You eliminated
Intimidated, Cause another sucka wildin
And me I'm just smilin, I'm from the motherfuckin bottom

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