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Muppets - The Ballad of Casey Macphee Lyrics

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Muppets The Ballad Of Casey Macphee Lyrics

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Narrator: Listen, while I tell you, a story old and true,
about how Casey Macphee the engineer got his train through.
He faced the toughest duty, an engineer could do,
but he was brave and not afraid and he got his train through!

(chorus) Through, through, through, he got the train through.
Through, through, through....

Cookie: Me got the train, and get it through.....

N: Train was carrying moo cows, and cake and ice cream too.
There were six cars full of cookies, and a tank of chocolate too.
The stuff was for the party, that the kids would have all year.
And getting that train through the narrow pass was the job of the engineer!


C (spoken): Oh, this train full of stuff me love to eat.
And there are lote of children waiting for stuff
on other side of dangerous narrow pass.
Me must get train through!!!!!

N: But an avalanche had closed the track and covered it with snow.
The snow was deep, the track was blocked, there was no place he could go.
Casey knew the train was filled with things he loved to eat.
But Casey knew his duty and would not admit defeat!


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C (spoken): Oh, tough choice. Track covered with snow.
If me stay here, and not try to go through pass,
Me stuck here, all alone with six cars of cookies and ice cream.
Aaaaaaaaallllll alone, with nooooooooobody watching.
Me getting hungry. Me getting VERY hungry!
Oooooooh, maybe it's not too bad if me eat some cookies...
Wait!! What me doing???? It be very bad if me eat cookies.
Me must get train through!!!!!

N: Well, Casey was a hero. And his duty he could see.
Without the cookies and the milk, no party could there be.
The kids would be unhappy,
So Casey raised his head.......

C: Me forget about the cookies,

N: Through, through, through, he got the train through,
he ate up all the avalanche....

C: It mighty tasty too!

N: Through, through, through, he got the train through.
Casey that brave engineer got the train through!

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