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Nancy Wilson - Ten Good Years (2007 Digital Remaster) Lyrics

Ten Good Years (2007 Digital Remaster) Lyrics by Nancy Wilson from Very Best of Nancy Wilson Album has 382 views.
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Nancy Wilson Ten Good Years (2007 Digital Remaster) Lyrics

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This next little bit is for the ladies,
For Molly's the Dolly's and the Sadie's
For the Mississippi to the old Euphrates
If you long for shoes and rice may I offer this advice?
Ten good years, ten good years
Like it or not all a women has got is ten good years
When there aren't any wrinkles and there isn't any spread
When you're blooming like a flower every hour on the hour
Just like Tommy Manvel said
You better get your man, while the getting is good
You better light that fire
While you still got wood or your dead, yes you're dead
Ten good years, ten good years
Girl aren't Craggy, Haggy or Shaggy
Ten good years, just ten good years
The first year you can afford to be particular
The standard you set are very high
The second year your nose though perpendicular
It's not exactly pointed at the sky
The third year your mother begins to hint a bit
She raves about your sisters darling kids
The Fourth year thru
The seventh you're gathering lint a bit
Nancy Wilson Ten Good Years (2007 Digital Remaster) found on
Then comes the eight you're nearly on the skids
The ninth year you go to Acapulco
And have a thing with a dentist,
You think you're going to have a happy life
The ninth and a half year
You go to the mail box and get a note from the dentist
It's not a bill; he's going back to his wife ahha, ahha…….
The tenth year arrives, the panic sets in
You're thirty one married your not
So you fix your hair and maybe your chin
And suddenly look what you got, look what you got
Ten good years, ten more good years
Big game or small game
You're back in the ball game it appears
Now honey I give you odds like eight to five
As long as you are breathing as long as you're alive
Put on your powder and throw away your fears
You've got ten, all you got to do is be sure you count them real slow
Ten you got a lot more if you got the right connections.
Ten now Marlene Deitrick is not exactly chopped liver
Ten good years

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