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TDD Lyrics by Trick Daddy from Back by Thug Demand Album, music composed by: Brown has 169 views.
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Trick Daddy TDD Lyrics

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Ayo, Who you about to call?

I'm bout to call Trick.

For what?

Just to call him and see what he doin'



You call has been properly delivered, but the party you just reached does not answer...
Unless you're calling about getting that paper, stacking those chips or gettinh your motherfucking hustle on.
If it's none of the above, please hang up, and don't try again.

What the fuck?

Bitch, you heard me. Please hang up, and don't try again.

Fuck you bitch.

No, Fuck you.

Why the fuck is you arguing with me? You ain't real...

Realer than you bitch... Please, do not call Trick Daddy's phone.
Hang up, and don't try again.

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Fucking hoe!

Your mami

Your mami!

Bitch yours!

Your mami.

Your gritty gritty gran mami

How the fuck is this bitch talkin to me? She ain't real!!

You're that bitch Kiki aren't you?

Hell yea, that's my name, don't wear it out!

Bitch, you're more than worn out. Good bye.

What the fuck? Trick Daddy got a stupid phone...

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