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Kid Cudi Spontaneously Combust Lyrics

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I'm rolled up in this bitch yeah, yeah
I'm doing right in the back of ..
Let's go!

With the sickers it don't matter the sayin we spit game
Kid Mesc in the front line i froze cop my rage a chamber full of my rage
Yall lames best not start Ending this shit hear the lyric rip you apart the law wanted a her ya boy here is the one
nigga born for rap the only forgotten son tupac and biggie are .. like many who flowing strong
hitting you bitches up all night I'm ripping through thongs and later I'm ripping songs consistent when I'll be spitting
lyrically i'ma mat remember when I'm a ..
and you nigga still ain't getting the point
y'all all false as soon as you jump that bridge you stuck in and get the cross
pay the cost to be the boss pay my payments and ..
You're .. worse than the cabs I guess that make you the ..I'll be ... How they used a full clip gotta get ready reload hold this
2 x Hook:
i spontaneously combust another rappers with rush
niggas say i got a problem while i out too much dude
you know your niggas stay harder than ..
leave them other rappers under the tomb holla back

speak on the level clap bitches .. the medal
lyrical riddle jump in the skiller I'm bout to sizzle
i ain't cop a deal now so i'ma stand the ground like a bastard child till i get found groupies slick with it like a all ..
illest nigga to spit it and they ain't spit it city where niggas can split and stowies can split burners get lit where .. niggas carry the clips can't stop the genes in my cerebelum dumb niggas they don't understand
hard to tell em, niggas i know around the block
all fellons we freestyling with my boys
hot flows off the melons see the man we bare in the street
rules you fools gotta be filthy rich burgundy bentley by the pool
gotta make 8 figures though expelled from school gotta keep myself stupid with the marvelous jewels

[2 x Hook:]

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it's all metaphorically man if you wanna be in this class you gotta study me this is the final drink brew get chewed then i spit on some vinal and niggas tryin to hate on my note and im a have to chop em up and .. faster than tony soprano I want keys like a f***ing piano just call me leroy I got the blow and them haters can't stand it young boy kid mes must be the bandit look nigga i planned it say ya hot but yall niggas don't burn say it's sick but yall don't spread germs when yall niggas gon learn K.I.D. is gon leave you under the dirt or cremated ash in the urn now i'm sick and tired of sittin back and watchin these lames get rich yall niggas is pussy yall need is a clip hit em when you fit around here ain't no vacancies i spit flows and rip shows in the streets

[2 x hook]

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