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Three 6 Mafia Sell Dope Lyrics

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[DJ Paul]
I don't sell dope nigga,
It sell itself

[DJ Paul]
This for all my real niggas out there,
Thats been falsely accused,
Wrongfully charged by the system,
Any kinda way mistreated,
It ain't our fault man,
It ain't us baby

[DJ Paul]
I don't sell dope I done told ya before,
Mr. Officer, quit knockin' at my door,
I'm a hard workin' businessman,
I ain't no muthafuckin' dopeman,
Don't put that evil on me homie,
I ain't the man I ain't got no drugs on me,
I used to do reality before the Hollyhood,
Cause the people used to defend me in my neighborhood,
Takin' pictures of me, Chris, and LL,
I don't touch work,
You can take that shit to hell

[DJ Paul]
I don't sell dope (x9)
I don't sell dope nigga, it sell itself

[Yung Joc?]
I'm a good guy you know me,
Quit pointin' fingers it ain't me

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[DJ Paul]
I don't sell dope (x3)
I don't sell dope nigga, it sell itself

[Juicy J]
Nigga holla at ya nigga if you want that yey-yey-yey,
I take a rebate check, hit me text I'm on my way-way-way,
I keep a automatic weapon if I have to spray-spray-spray,
In case these jackals wanna jack me cock it back and bang-bang-bang,
See that dope sell itself that's why they follow me (they follow me),
These junkies wanna get high so they keep callin' me (keep callin' me),
They just like chickenheads they want a shoppin' spree (a shoppin' spree),
Girl get down on your knees and you can swallow me (can swallow me),
I beats bees in these streets, I gots to get what I need,
That mo mo 5th and coke, meth, and a lotta weed,
The feds feds work the head,
Slip up or even sneeze,
They lock lock you in a cell, bout a whole century


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