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    Trey Songz
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    Me 4 U Infidelity 2 Lyrics
    Trey Songz

    Intro: Its crazy.. You kept Me on this pedestal no matter how much I let you down too long too long too long. Now you're trapped... My love 4 U aint going nowhere nowhere (Just Me 4 U) Onlyyyy (Just Me 4 U) Onlllyyy (Me 4 U)Onnllyyy (My love 4 U) She told Me Im dieing im trying to survive never be enough if its just (Just Me 4) now she question if its real when i say i I love You You (My Love 4 U)
    1st Verse: I guess its hard to feel when im never even there. Actions speak louder than words and they say I dont care.(My love 4 U) But I know its in my heart if you can hold it right now you see its only beating cuz you hold a nigga down think about that for a second now baby... un un un un Woop! I cant say its right when im running through the night you're my shining star cant afford to lose your light. So busy doing wrong Will I ever get it right for you?
    Chorus: But She deserves something better and she know she does but im never gonna let her cuz she knows my love.(My Love for you) You can never find another man (Just Me 4 U) Cuz I aint never gonna understand if it aint Me 4 U Me 4 U. Even tho im doing wrong girl you can never move along girl cuz its just juuust Me 4 U

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