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Keyshia Cole - Same Thing (Interlude) Lyrics

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Keyshia Cole Same Thing (Interlude) Lyrics

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"Same Thing (Interlude)"

[Keyshia] here we go again with all this, like why we can't never get this right
[Man] yo, what you talking bout man
[Keyshia] man its sickening (here we go)
[Man] yo, where you think you going
[Keyshia] what you mean where I'm going (going through the same things)
[Man] you heard me
[Keyshia] man, whatever
[Man] yo, come here man (here we go)
[Keyshia] over and over again it's the same story man
[Man] what you mean over and over again
Come on man, what you talking about (going through the same things)

I should have never let you see me cry
I'll be sitting up thinking, I'll be thinking about
What I'm going do knowing I should just

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Leave you alone let go and move on (just leave you alone)
It's same ole things, just another day
And the minute I'm gone, is when you need me (same ole thing)
Couldn't get you to act right (that's when need me)
But now you go getting everything tight
Don't want to play games (no)
Why can't you do right (make you do right)
Why can't you love me (love me)
The way it's suppose to be

Here we go, going through the same thing
Over and over and over again
Here we go, going through the same thing
Over and over and over again

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