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Lynda Williams Quark Sing-a-long Lyrics

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Up, Down, Charm, Strange, Top and Bottom!
The World is made up of Quarks and Leptons!
Up, Down, Charm, Strange,Top and Bottom!
Yum! Yum!

Quarks come in six flavors
They live in families of two.
Up Down, Charm Strange, Top and Bottom!
They come in anti-flavors too!

Each family makes a generation
between which is a mass gap.
The up quark is the lightest and the top quark
is the most fat!

The second and third generations
do not live for very long.
That's why everything in the Universe
is made up of Ups and Downs!


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Quarks carry a color charge.
They come in red, green and blue.
You'll never see a quark all by itself
cuz they stick together with a strong force glue.

Quarks carry electric charge.
A fraction of electricity.
Quarks combine together so the total charge
is a multiple of unity!

An up, up down makes a proton for a total charge of plus one.
A down, up, down makes a DUD neutron!

Physics is so much YUM YUM PHUN!

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