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Nelly - Na-nana-na (feat. Jazze Pha) Lyrics

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Nelly Na-nana-na (feat. Jazze Pha) Lyrics

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(feat. Jazze Pha)

1rst kid- Man to tell u the truth i dun wanna go to the club
2nd kid- me 2 baby

(Come on)

[Jazze Pha]
Ladies and gentlemen! Ladies and gentlemen
This, is truly an event
Nelly Nel, Jazze Phizzle, Jazz Phiz-fel
(Na-nana-na, nana, nana, nana) Woooo-eee!
(Na-nana-na, nana, nana, nana) Woo, woo, woo, oh boy!
(Na-nana-na, nana, nana, nana) Oh boy! Ohhh!
Hey, hey hey hey hey hey

[Chorus: Nelly]
Well uh-huh, well uh-huh girl I'm parked outside
And you know that it's sittin on chrome, on chrome (uh-huh)
Hey, I'm just lookin for a pretty young thang
That uh, I can take home (take home)
Can we leave hurr (yeah) can we leave hurr (yeah)
Can we leave hurr (yeah) can we leave hurr - shawty can we
Leave hurr (yeah) can we leave hurr (yeah)
Can we leave hurr (yeah) can we leave hurr (yeah)

I'm throwin nuggets out the fellow I push to Carmello
Yellow on yellow floded the band and the bezel
[Hear me now!] Oh, no, did you see the hue?
I took the Phantom to the Opera, same van roll through the ghetto
[Can we leave hurr?] Shorty need to make up her mind
I seen them niggaz over there, but they ain't takin my shine
Got 7 niggaz tryin to beat me, out here breakin they spine
But they got 7 different levels for they MAKE IT to mine
I want you both shorty (oh) go get it crunk shorty (oh)
I see your +ATL+ stamp and go' head and stomp shorty (oh)
I got that shake now, and don't be scared now
Cause we can come from the kitchen up to that bed now
Shit it ain't nuttin to a boss, I heat you like air off
It ain't nuttin, they ain't cuttin, they frontin, that's they loss
Cause the, 'Tics is good, and the van is paid off'
And I done got so damn cocky I took that Band-Aid off


Nelly Na-nana-na (feat. Jazze Pha) found on

[Uhhh] picture perfect, I paint a perfect picture
Third album, same focus, my intent is to get richer
I'm with my dirty Jazze Phizzle, he yieldin that instrumental
Youse a cold-ass nigga on the track (SHO' NUFF!)
[Man] I'm tired of poppin these bottles, tired of fuckin these models
I'm tired of these menage-a nights - yeah right (PSYCH!)
I was built for it, I got a hip for it
I even got a little swagger in my limp for it
[I done had] sex in the city plus sex in the country
[You know] sex in the zoo di-rectly behind the monkeys
[Hold up!] Don't get me wrong, I'm lookin for Ms. Right
But tonight ain't the time, I'm lookin for right now
It's two-thousand-fo', I'm in a new home
Threw out the Bentley bought a Double R with kissin doors
It's like I'm holdin on to permanent mistletoe, I think you been sittin low
I got a driver dirty, he come when the whistle blow


(Na-nana-na) I'm smoother than you know
(Na-nana-na) Cadillac do's and bank rolls
(Na-nana-na) I simply go places you can't go
Ain't see me in no Linc', but you know that derrty in Brougham
I be on my (grind-na-grind-na-grind-na-grind)
With my money on my (mind-my-mind-my-mind-my-mind)
Plus I'm still in my (prime-my-prime-my-prime-my-prime)
And we be smokin that (la-lala-lala-lala)


(Na-nana-na, nana, nana, nana) - [repeat to fade]

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