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Twista Mash Lyrics

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(feat. Bennie Franks, Todd Nitty, Turtle Banxx)
[Turtle Banxx]
picture this shit you facing
totalin body and murderous situations against nations we organize like maces
got killers patiently waitin
different places you facing the yellow taping and federal x with graces
we ruinin your reputation
momma in the hospital pacing for every shot you taking
the doctors cant stop the shaking
see faces blazin
like the sun of satan like a gun that gets nathan
what you expect? (say what)
like a neutron on deck (yeah)
nigga you gonna catch rays (ha)
you confess lets get cash and thangs (ugh huh)
smokin flash and range
cause we mash and bang
till the vet we slay (ahhhhhhh)
motherfucker, let it reign

[Bennie Franks]
now they knowing that we mash and bang
texas 380 in this cash for cash and mask
y'all then fucked up now
let the south and west connect
we snatch a soul out ya better chosen swiss cheese your Avirex
whats up now?
me and my nigga Turtle cown(?)
to late to rehearse nigga (shit) thangs looking shitty now
pass ya a Phillie pal
I'm all up in ya now
and when i blast you hear (gunshot)
feeling me now?
what i feel for the opponent
smell the aroma
well come swim with these killa piranhas
sharin heat orders slash g's and fours
street patrollers cant run when the gasket blows
your caskets close
my eyes open
you fuck around and get John Blaze now ya broken
and now I'm hoping you escape before crimes broken braids on the gallery
fat too many calories I'm ghost Mickey and Mallory

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[Turtle Banxx]
we came motherfucker
[Bennie Franks]
we came motherfucker
[Turtle Ba

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