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From the beginning of his music ministry, Lecraes heart has always been dedicated to broaden the fans view of who God truly is. Now after extensive touring opportunities across the U.S. to large and small venues, from churches to outdoor stages with audiences ranging from the inner-city to the suburbs, Lecrae has gained a first-hand insight of the issues and struggles that people are facing. After having a chance to see how so many music fans, particularly the youth, are infatuated with modern-day rappers and multi-media stardom, Lecrae wants them to instead become infatuated with Jesus Christ. While some may look at him as a star or famous rapper, Lecraes only goal in After the Music Stops is to urge listeners to glorify God with their lifestyle by pointing them to the person of Jesus Christ. Lecrae has purposed to let them know that God is more concerned about what life looks like after the music stops....
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jfrazier4him wrote:
This guys music ministry is being blessed by God big time!! Check it out and let God search you and speak to your heart =]
May 05, 2011 | 7:19 PM

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