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Xzibit Last Call Lyrics

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Last call for alcohol
The club is almost closed
(that's right)
So I need your name and your number
(yo, yo)
Before the night is through

Y'all wanna talk about drinking?
I took a drink, took a swallow
Left the champagne bottle hollow
Passed my keys to lil' talo
Can't crash the el dorado
You know how it go
When you sipping on mo'
You be tore up from the floor up
And you don't even know

I had the bartender set up three shots
I knocked 'em back
Nitrate over the track
The whole crowd reacted
From right here through the ? ?
Baby relax you're rolling with me
It's mister a through x to the z

Going out with my friends
To celebrate the weekend
I hope the club is jumping
So I can find a little something
Wanna get my drink on
Wanna get my freak on
I'm gonna try to come on
Before the night is over

1 ? [all]
Last call for alcohol
The club is almost closed
So I need your name and your number
Before the night is through
Last call for alcohol

[Last Call lyrics on ]
The club is almost closed
So I need your name and your number
Before the night is through

Checkin' for the sisters
Flossin' the prada
Dolce gabana baby can I holla?
You know I'm peepin' at'cha
Hoping I can catch ya
I wanna get at'cha
Can we dance before the night is over?
Come on, oh

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Repeat 1

This round is on me
Champagne and hennesy
I got chips just get what'chu like
Next round is on you
Tequila shots and brew
I'm getting faded yo
Cause I didn't drive

It's last call y'all so all y'all
It's time to pull your money out
Come through, post up
Peepin' all the honeys out
Smoke fest, guinness out
Got your homies passing out
(party down baby)
You know what x and ca-tash about

Yo I stay with it
While you perpetrate and try to play with it
Something people with the all chrome
Custom fitted whatever you want
From the car straight to the bar
We're the la guns holding hennesy for everyone

Repeat 1 till end

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