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Jet black joe
Jet Black Joe is an Icelandic Grunge Pop-Rock band most popular in the 90's. Jet Black Joe was formed in 1992 and quickly became popular. The band also had some success overseas and released a couple of albums and singles in Europe and Asia. Jet Black Joe's final performance was to be at the Austin, Texas, SXSW Summit in 1996 and the band members turned to other projects, f.ex. Ensimi. Summer of 2002, Gunnar Bjarni Ragnarsson and Páll Rósinkrans surprised people by reviving the band by playing at the Eldborg Music Festival. Members (vocals) Pall Rosinkrans (guitar) Bjarni Ragnarsson (bass) Starri Sigurdarson (keyboards) Hrafin Thoroddsen (drums) Jón Ã-rn Arnarsson Albums * 1992 - Jet Black Joe * 1993 - You ain't here * 1994 - Fuzz
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