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Zero Down - It Ain't Over Yet Lyrics

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Zero Down It Ain't Over Yet Lyrics

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I may be getting old but I'm far from out of angst
because the problems that I face on the day to day don't go away.
Life it ain't so civilized when it comes down to survive
and I've had the ones that I thought as family push me to the side.
I'm still in debt I can't pay my rent, my teeth are rotting in my head.
I may be getting old, but it ain't over yet.
I got so much left to say, I can't believe I'm here again
right back where I started from with an ego left to mend.
We started out as friends and in the end I hope to be
but the problems that you hope to fix won't go away with me.
I'm uninsured I'm overdrawn I'm as broke as one can get.
I may be getting old, but it ain't over yet.
What happens when the dreams of fame and fortune don't come true.
And work replaces everything in life you live to do.
When the romance is gone,
the road gets long and the numbers are all you've got
and the hour that you spent on stage doesn't add up to what you thought.
So you can fill my shoes with a fresh new face
you can talk all the shit you want,
but you can't replace my dignity or the feelings in my heart.
Life can be unfair sometimes it's a fact I've had to accept.
But in everything that I've given up I've gained my self respect.

Zero Down It Ain't Over Yet

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