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Dmx - It Ain't My Fault Lyrics

It Ain't My Fault Lyrics by Dmx from Walk With Me Now: The Prequel Album has 234 views.
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Dmx It Ain't My Fault Lyrics

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what they dont know
(man listen!)
theyre gonn find out
(these cats must be out their fucking mind,babe!)
what they dont know
(thinking that the dog dont got it..arf!arf!)
theyre gonn find out:
(ahhh man!!)
what they dont know
(yall niggaz is really not knowin,not knowin,not knowing!!)
theyre gonn find out
(man, theyre about to find out......)
what they dont know,they gonn find out real soon,babe!!

see,im going against the grain,.my swagger's wreckless.since 12,smack a nigga,gab his necklace,and a nigga gonn respect us!! Dog come thru like "evil".aint got a touch of life,but getting paid off celo..that's your man faggot,he know i go hard,and get down.whenever dog hit town, i shut shit down:i want it now!!if i see it, imma take it,and you better hope i dont want it all cuz i'll leave you naked.i aint never have to fake it.dawg come thru with no gun,i show some, im scared of noone,and i dont run.i tell niggaz "x" is back,and it aint where im at,it's what im giving niggaz:x's bat..c'mon

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