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Dmx - It's Over The Dog Is Back Lyrics

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Dmx It's Over The Dog Is Back Lyrics

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[swizz beats]:
ruff riders-DMX
ruff riders-DMX
Walk 'em dog!

You can try but I do fight
Just can't seem to do wright
Can't run with the big dogs
niggas jeans is too tight.
Ive been doing this for too long.
This dog is too strong
and im not about to wait on a cat dancing through songs.
what type of shit you on,
trying that shit there.
yeah,a nigga went there,and all you did was sit there.
i begin and ima get it in. just watch this nigga win.we gon' walk these dogs till the bitter end.
now its like"oh,its him again!"i knew thats how you felt.
whats that'ass.i knew thats what i smelled...-
theres a new sheriff in town,just been re-elected.
you dont have to like it but respect it.
check it...-you can put on a vest,but ima still stop yah.
cause i gotta chopper sounding like a helicopter. you dont really want for me to pop the truck.
cause that mean i'll drop a chump when i cock and dump.
weather its glock or pump,cats aint ready.
half from here to here looking like spaghetti.
pull out the machette right off the lims,
bag up the pieces,wipe off the tims.
Jump out the bens,
five cars deep.
four o'clock in the morning.
riders dont sleep.
shut shit down whenever we hit town.
To getah nigga past just aint my get down.
you wantuh bring out the best,or bring out the worst'if you bring out the worst,ima bring out the hurse.
yall play poker but i play poker.
hit you from here to here and make me smile like the joker

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