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Children Of Bodom - In The Shadows Lyrics

In The Shadows Lyrics by Children Of Bodom from Something Wild Album, music composed by: Laiho has 37 views.
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Children Of Bodom In The Shadows Lyrics

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I cannot get up by the howling cry
Just justify my longing to die,
Bury me down at last,
I think about it in the shadows and cry

Can scissors heal a man torn of tears,
A fading I fear inside.
The reaper in sheet will stand by me
I'm dreaming, I'm wearing a black dress that night

I'm just a being tonight,
And still I'm dressed so black... OH YEAH!
Maybe I'm just blind,
Maybe I should try...

Can't you see why the vision is calling you?


I got the one, the dream of horror
Dreams of blood, dreams of war
Rudest eyes have seen the fright
Welcome to the eternal night

You won't be a butcher
No, you won't be at last
Somebody's the trigger
Take it off!
What, you are the priest's son? fuck

Sill I stand against the death
Am I just a shade?
Always I'm awake and in black
Sill I dare to praise the Lord
No I won't pass to the lord
Goodbye - no...

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So the keeper waits upon,
He waits upon a border
Let me own your punishment,
It's time to break the border

The Candlelight fades away
There's nothing at all but me...

I stare at death and the darkest one's
Watching me with cold eyes
A god has been with me in the shadows
I lost my reason to hate! ya!

(So it's right...)
(I can leave the shadows!)
(The last one has to survive!)

Wowwww -RIGHT!

With my light shining bright
I got my way,
To regret
With my last dying ryhme I got my world
To betray for what I did by my motherfucking heart!

The shadows draw back into honesty and love
Obey, and it will cut your throat
I can't speak and you shant be the next,
The shadows strike in your blame - Yhaoooo

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