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Soulja Boy - Im Bout The Stacks Lyrics

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Soulja Boy Im Bout The Stacks Lyrics

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Im bout the swagg
Im bout the ice, im bout to cop me one tonight
I dont really care the price cuz my bankroll right
Ridin on toyota on panola, thats how we get it dawg
Sau panola i was holdin 45 listen dawg, 45 ticket stash to my new dickies man
The S.O.D charmpiece man thats 50 grand
A-Rab tatted up and gathered up the whole gwap, S.O.D game 6
5th is for the million cars.

Im bout the cars, im bout the swagg, im bout the whip,
im bout the rag, im bout the bricks, im bout the flips,
im bout the chips, im bout the dip,

Im bout the stacks, stacks, stacks, stacks.. stacks(X2)

(Verse 2)
Im bout the bank, im bout the vault, im bout that this aint wat u thought
Im ridin clean, i got gwap, im doin me im on the top,
Im bout the ice, im bout the shine, im bout the work, im bout the grind
Im bout the get em, got em, see em, saw em gettin every dolla dawg
When you see me pop your collar ima throw out every dolla,
Soulja boy is not a scholar, backpack full a million dollars
Get em S.O.D we got em, Scream S.O.D we hollin
To much swagg ask your father, now my money haulin

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Man ima trapaholic, rapperholic hustla, go down on ur decimal, make me your customer
S.O.D machine dont need no cash register, all the money added up,
Pass me the duffle-bag full of grams, couple bands, i understand
Im the man when i land overseas in japan, i see you wishin me to quit
And you cant get like me, alota rappers mad cuz they cant make no hit like me

Cars, swagg, whip, rag, bricks, flips, chips, dip,
Stacks, stacks, stacks, stacks...Stacks.

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