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Horst Chmela - How U Feel About That Lyrics

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Horst Chmela How U Feel About That Lyrics

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Now I'm versatile in style and it'll be worth your while
Stand still and chill listen closely for a while
I think along the lines of Charles Manson
Know your card, play hard and get scarred like Marla Hanson
I'm on the path of head headed heading for stardom
By the time you get props, David Duke'll be in Harlem
I wanna see you get paid, fat checks and G's
like I want Roseanne Barr to do a strip tease
And it'd be nice if you could flow hip-hop
But bout when you get skills Dominicans will be wearin socks
What I who else no one else but you do for self
Can't be a teacher if you're in a class by yourself
With no time for prejudice so I'm color blind
I got bigger things like homicide on my mind
On track I only track to Trakmasterz tracks
Now how you feel about that?

[Chorus: repeat 2X *whispered*]
How you feel about that, how you feel about that
How you feel about that, how you feel

No pushover, harder than Martina Navratilova
Got the "Saturday Night Fever" like John Travolta
No matter what be the mood rude is right up my alley
Go along with the 4 Seasons like Frankie Vali
Like yellow fellows at the end of this tunnel
So honies come in and let your hair down, just like Rapunzel
Anything I'll try, controversy I despise it
No pain I got the "Wicked Game" like Chris Isaak
In the crowd you wanna spot me, to get me you can't miss me
Followed by "10 Little Indians" Agatha Christie
More _Juice_ than _Beetle_ can you find a needle in the hay?
I'm a number like one or two hotter than a summer day
I like chicks with class, not a ho that swing low
I want the pussy to be tighter than a (..) man with his dough
Oh, and if not then maybe I can hit it from the back
Now how you feel about that?


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I rock the professional unquestionable style
And I bet you will fiend for what I kick, on a regular schedule
like an addict, you are what describe with an addiction
Not to substances, but no to my diction
How you feel about that? Your answer better be great
Lyrics fat like Nell Carter, umm please give me a break
I'm turnin parties out no doubt whatever that you give me
Don't need a +Terry Lewis+ to see me +Jam+ like +Jimmy+
In other words it's a part of my nature that I come get raw
And let it all hang out like a bitch without a bra
You tried and you tried but your project was failin
Now you're gettin treated like a door to door salesman
So what you toothpick here's a buck don't feel sorry
Go get yourself a +Light+, y'know I mean a +Miller+, like +Barney+
Or if you don't want that and don't wanna make a comeback
Just give the shit up, now how you feel about that?

[Chorus] - repeat to end

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