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Halvdan sivertsen
Halvdan Sivertsen is a singer-songwriter from Bodø, Norway whose carees spans the last three decades. He started out writing protest songs in the early 1970s, and later added topics such as love, loss, humour and the north Norwegian folk culture to his repertoire. He was also a member of Norwegian guitar supergroup Gitarkameratene and has frequently collaborated with Øystein Sunde , who also played in the band. He is arguably one of Norway's most beloved folk singers, and his song "Kjærlighetsvisa" is widely concidered one of the defining Norwegian love songs. In 2006, a mashup of the Halvdan Sivertsen song Høre Tel PÃ¥ Jorda and M.O.P's G-Building (made by thomaxbeats) became something of an underground hit in
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