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Screwed Up Click F Big Pokey Freestyle Lyrics

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Say, this how that go down they get there
Yeah, it's the take over daddy
C. Weez I see you in here, you know I'm saying
Stone up my nigga, Mr. M-Jazy
Don Ke', huh yeah
I'm finna pour it out like Don P, right now move around

[Big Pokey]
You know, I'm saying
When I pull up, and you know dog we straight up parlaying
We straight swaraying, we all in the mix
Man cuz it's like this they call me slick, I got all of 'em tricks
You know I'm saying, they hoes all on my dick
Cuz, what these hoes don't know I know these hoes fast and thick
I'm on this slow nigga, kicking in the do' nigga
Going off in the booth, like a callicoe nigga
I'm a pro nigga, it's that nigga Po-Din'
Big Po-Yo clean, bitch I'm POLO jean
Watch your bitch, if she a Po-Yo fiend
Cause I'ma take that hoe, right quick and break that hoe
See I'm a star, so I make that hoe nigga Twista told ya
You know a celeb over night, but I'm a straight scholar
And I'ma keep my set on the neck, I'ma wreck
Niggaz get they chin checked, nigga how it be
Niggaz straight up raise up, on that Y.S.P.
Don't go there, nigga if you don't know there
See I'm a pro there, niggaz lay low there
Some niggaz under the flo', because they tried to go there
You know say dog, this how it go down
I'm in the street with my fo' pound, ready to knock the do' down
Screaming S.U.C., and I'm finna go state to state
Back to back, pulling up in these S.U.V.
Nigga I'm repping for Ke', repping for Pat
Repping for Screw, nigga cuz what in the Lac
We ain't fin's to play dog, we gon break they back
And we some jackers too, hot they set take they crack
You know, that's how it go down
Watch out low down, Sensei fin's to knock the do' down
Now see this rhyme too, nigga I'm fin to go I'm still flowing
Overseas blowing, trees long haired Samoan
Southside raised, nigga straight born
Nigga don't get your ass torn, cause how long will we mourn
Niggaz die, niggaz fry
Niggaz puffing on that lie, niggaz high mai-tai
I stay thoed, head to feet
Nigga you know dog, I was bread in these streets
So I'm ready to go ready to scrap, nigga I got these hoes
Hoe, plus I got the nine mili' ready to clap
These hoe niggaz best adapt, cause nigga I'm on your heel
Like dead skin, and you fin's to get lapped
Yeah this how a nigga ride, when I'm on my game
Pulling up in a S.U.V., with my dame
I'm that nigga, that these hoes can't contain
Niggaz know, I'm just straight like that cocaine
Fuck a nigga up, just like he tooted a line
Say cuz, I'm the shoot in his mind
Shoot in his hind, why I be tripping on the tracker
Dropping hits, like a pipe linebacker
Call me Smallwood, niggaz plexing but you know dog it's all good
I done make a nigga sleep, right where the plex at
Right where the techs at, nigga cuz wanna sign some'ing
Wanna shine some'ing, dog where the checks at
Know I'm saying, where the Hummer where the Lex at
Know I'm saying where the Columbian, where the techs at
Where they necks at, I'm going get that
Cuz dog, these niggaz they ain't with that
You know I'm saying, I ain't a felon
But I knock a nigga melon straight off his shoulder dog, plus I slung boulders
And I don't do that no more, I'm a rapper
That's why I'm laid back, maintaining my high I'm a high capper
You know I'm saying on this doja, I'm a high rapper
And I can lead these H-Town streets, I'm a high factor
Crawl like a tractor, niggaz can't touch
Nigga cuz move around, S.U.C. my clutch
S.U.C. my crutch, S.U.C.
S.U.V., Screw where you be dog when I touch
When I reach I can't feel you, but I know you round me
Cuz, and these niggaz know they can't sign me
Man niggaz wanna kill me, but they can't down me
I'm in these cement shoes, and they still can't drown me
Where I'm at nigga, dog where Fat Pat nigga
Where Big Rue and Mafio, now where the gat nigga
Now wear they hat nigga, I'm on the field
And finna bust this hoe right now, I'm tight at my spat nigga
These niggaz chatting nigga, they bumping
Cuz when they run up, I'm straight up dumping S.U.C. yeah

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S.U.C. 9-6 style, Po-Yo baby
The Take Over, the album and DVD
Get ready for it baby, off the top of the dome
Respect it

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