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Rihanna - Emergency Room (Ft. Akon) Lyrics

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Rihanna Emergency Room (Ft. Akon) Lyrics

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Verse 1
I was picking up your clothes in the closet (closet)
I was bout to throw your jeans in the washer (washer) till i saw a piece of paper said Tasha (Tasha)
I gotta say I found this a bit shocken
some receipts hear saying you went shopping you bought some nike shoes but why you buying stockings?

boy how could you lie to me,
thought you would die for me
im not accepting another apology
after three years imma gonna let it gooo
cant stand around crying no more
got your bags packed sitting by the door
ima leave your heart broken on the floor

you gonna be in the emergency room
im standing by your bed and so tempted to pull out your I.V
you gonna be in the emergency room
im fighting with myself I cant hurt you even though you hurt me
you gonna be in the emergency room
trying to call a nurse but nobody can help you now
let me see you try to live with out me
now where's your heartbeat lying flat line on the EKG

Verse 2
well I was home late one night watching tv
got a call from my girl saying RiRi
saw your man in the club I thought he was out of town
doing business said that he would be back in three weeks
now im mad sitting in the kitchen getting sad
looking at your pictures


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Verse 3:(Akon)
I did you wrong girl (I did)
had a bunch of numbers in my phone girl (I did)
but we been in this relationship too long girl
for you to be listening to your silly homegirl
better go on girl
now baby think about
everything we do they gonna read about it
put in on the radio tv outlet
do you want to see your picture in that paper you know them haters
you hear that 808 the drum thats my hearbeat im going numb
I said Rihanna feeling stressed im going under cardiac arrest


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