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Mountain Brothers Dig It Lyrics

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Baby can you dig it? (I can dig it)
Baby can you dig it?
Baby can you dig it? (I can dig it)

[Verse 1]
I peep the hourglass and your pair of eyes
That got me paralyzed by the effects your power has
And how your thighs brush mine now I rise to rush time
And make you strip and travel just take our lips and ravel
Connect, we have what we need to be freed
I'm lured to your presence as I absorb your essence
Yes explore the lessons that you've been teaching me
Reaching me from all angles and directions
I realized that I tangled with perfection
You move the speech in me, by your gaze
I wish to unhook the fly attire that I admire
Days just one look from a distance the resistance
In my mind holds me back then I find bones be acting
Frozen they won't react closing in, here comes assistance
Yo soon approaches with fluid motions and movements
I believe my notions, it proves since she revealed a smile
We feel the wild passion, ignite when our hands touch
I yield to die for romance such as this
My arms around her waist, to mr.chops I found a place
Where rockets spin forever...dig it

Baby can you dig it? (I can dig it)
Baby can you dig it?
Baby can you dig it? (I can dig it)

[Verse 2]
I catch a gwen across the haze and I made
Skin into fat bread I'm gonna get you in a sin
Begin extending, heat the sheets
Innocence disintegrates when he speaks east
Have them laced within the four corners
And the borders of my warner brothers covers
Hovering my tongue loving tactics stubbing nothing
Get you stuttering the names of deities
Got my fame from hitting V's with ease
Please dames they breathe my name I entertain
By teasing frames, step closer take your hand in mine
I plan to wine thighs, it's fine as long mine intertwine
In kind, the planets are aligned, it's right hold tight
Your gold knight incites a soul flight all night
You know I'm all up on you right?
Stroke the nape of neck I hope to skip the tete a tete
And proceed with gold circles, straight to bed and sweat
The earth will move, boots are knocking, worlds are rocking
Locking lips, got between your hips liquid, can I dig it baby?

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Baby can you dig it? (I can dig it)
Baby can you dig it?
Baby can you dig it? (I can dig it)

[Verse 3]
My apologies but yo your smile is calling me
Your profile plus your dope style you must know child
Talking intimate because I'm interested
Gave into your gazes invitation in fact
You're capturing this asian with your brown eyes
And every blinking got tendency to be sending me thinking
How can I get down like that? your entire existence
In the physical is mystical to me
You got it solid but you choose to use it differently
Intellectual not strictly in the sexual and yet you will get busy
It's electrical tension i'm sensing
You're getting down for what's coming up next
From the sounds when i'm running up your neck
Listening to you whispering, fluid is the breeze we ease into it
To the music of these rhythm extimulations
And mutually given sensations of living creations
It's you and me too, become one then three, can you dig it?

Baby can you dig it? (I can dig it)
Baby can you dig it?
Baby can you dig it? (I can dig it) (repeat to fade)

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