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Iam - Demain, C'est Loin Lyrics (English language)

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Iam Demain, C'est Loin Lyrics

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The ink flows, the blood rpand
The blotting sheet
Absorbs motion picture in my bag of memory
I'm talking about what my relatives live and what I see
The guys running the dsespoir that leave the drive
The guys who have shit for 20,000 of dchirent
I mean the daily costs far my sentences do not laugh
Laugh, smile, some have lost I think Momo
Who ever said to me, I saw him again
Try the devil out of the galre, you won ERRF
But it is still what drives Misr derrire
Rickshaw in the middle of a field bttn
Growing up in a parking lot and see the great rounds to go

Is cut, compress it, it dcoupe, are packed, we sell
A tour of arms, we do get money from the crack
Yeah, that's life, and talking about rmi here here here
Here, the dream of youth is the Golf GTI, Joggin 'Tachini
Falling women comfortable as Many
On Scarface, I'm like everyone else though I DLIR
Thank you God, I grew up, I'm smarter, it is the end CRVE
The end hunger, hunger justifies the means, 4, 5 shots unhealthy
And we take up tomorrow, we'll see APRS
We walk in the shadow of the evil from morning to night
Mat in a corner, knife in hand, highwayman
Way, way, y 'are not two to be a god
Strike like an anvil falling eyes, envious wants
A way to get in two to get by, 3 / 4 leather
Russian s'vanouir become a memory
Remembrance be so young, to have the directory open
Guys rays of the map that erases like a painting tchpaou!
This is the black
Believe in who, what, the guys are all mirrors
Go in the same way, want to fill their drawers
Drawers, there goes our lives, there ends before connatre hell
On Earth, we built his paradise
Fiction, dsillusion too much, get out the Chichon
The Ralite tape too hard, need scape
Evasion, scape, stretch of the imagination, everything is gray here
Walls, spirits, the rats at night
We want s'chapper the prison, a needle passes, we move the action
False diversion, one day you shot the qt
The seals, some lucky ones have in the brain
Others send them to a fist biftons, fraternal war
The arms grow like weeds
The image of the gangster as gangrne spreads its seeds sme
Seeds, seeds, seed dlinquant you a spirit? All young
They are taught that nothing makes a man from the Free
The maverick discrete organic group, the root becomes fields
Too big, unstoppable
Stop, the sticky dpart, lucky exit
It takes three months, the rumor, the reputable grows
The bars are more afraid of is the routine, ordinary pine
Fine Indian ink sketches, animated figure who sometimes
Animated, anime anim a furious desire for money
Black falls, no matter the weather, you throw the ds, must buckle
Lose and win, go home with some papers and more
It will help, ask someone they fell o
To fall or not, for everything, you risk nothing, no big cousin
Anyway in both cases, doing well
Live like a dog or a prince, there's no picture
There is a choice, grilled leg of lamb, the jewels shine
Jewels, a dream, their pockets but the target is far, the Arrows
Ricochets, the devil adds a notch too ugly guys tick
Their own box, dcoche for cash, I hear the bells,
The picks
Digging a hole is too fastoche
Fastoche, easy on the jacket of the same docile bourgeois obsession
And porcelain in the windshield
Tchac! the razor on the bag by hand, here talbins
It is all day long, day, day after APRS
Boxing Day? It's not the problem, we live from day to day
We do not have the time or you lose money, others take
Tomorrow is off, you're not press, as and
It is argued by monitoring our butts to discuss the future
Future, the future will not change much, the next gnrations
Will be worse than us, their lives will be more sluggish
Our future is the APRS-minute goal, anticipate
Prvenir before getting nailed
Nail, nail on a bench nothing else to do, drink the beer
It's whistles gazires with no ERRF
The walls hold us like flypaper
It is the never released it will be, Satan holds us with his fork
Fourche, straddle the risks APRS seconds seconds
Every time a stone is added over our slings
Against their lasers, some dsesprent many landfall
The stubbornly refuse to combat suicide
Cidal, Sidr, the gods are watching, the human head to the wrong
Cot of the tarnish of a firm and DCID
Prfreront lapping the bottom up, we'll bored
There's angels here that sell smokes
Smoke, another food, the veil has fallen
The head on the pillow, the shit for a moment dims
By the window, entered a cry, a man is pointing
A child is shaking, handcuffed to a Cartier
Menotti, hand and foot by reading the fatal
Prisoner of the dungeon, the fate is the keeper
The teurf the arne we grew up with games
Gladiator brave, but life is tough, we fight as we can
In the constructions leves
Incomprhension, bands kids supposedly evil levs

Frictions, excitement, civilian patrols
Funk useless, legends and myths dbiles

It's file at block 20, pack of Heineken in the hands
Forget pulling a large enclosed
African Princess, daughter mre, plastic
Lots of glue, raclo mass whimsical
Parallle Economy, team hard as a rock
Don Small spots that control their severe
Pte is the Veuve Cliquot, herded like Mexico

Politicians and journalists visiting the zoo
Muslims respectful, humble family near
Speakers blastent that the music of the jungle

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Naked kids who come from scratch
Lumire that turn orange, smoke paths
Improvised game of football on the asphalt
Golf, VR6, tires squeal
Silence broken by police Sirna
By Faconnable, survetements minables
MRes in admirable traits of characters
Chichon bogus stories in prison

Master of the East, cooking chili
Pretty names for trees in the forest btiments cement
Dsert the noon sun crasis
Life at night during the month of Rhamadhan
No distractions, CRER some action
Ds set of cons, paris silver mchante attraction
Rires ininterrompus, arrestations impromptues
District Mayors corrupt
Walking on the use syringes, dreaming of traveling
Car in business, set of chains Arraches
Bougre no return, no psychopath piti
Best friendships can find a guy
Nies sports making their classes on vacant land
New jokes, terrible technical cruising
Crack individuality because stresses
Nobody moves, nobody gets hurt
Thermal vapor, water, scarlet, alcohol
Van Brink's Mat gold mine as
This is not funny, biting the dog locked in the cage
Slime rage, climb the bars on the second floor
Dealer of hashish, it is wise if you want to leave the woman
If you dive, the farm, there's no drama in
But the school is not far, either out of trouble
It starts by slapping the ass, it ends by guards views
Look at the street, what changes? There's the seasons
You baves of bttn, bttn spit, shit's bttn
Te down to the brass, is that it pays
Regrets not biftons when the ferry hit the door
Three color posters treat us like bordilles
It's not ok Manila, but the cigarettes will torpedo
Guilty innocent, ca talking cash, in percent
An eye for eye, tooth mouth is stressful
Trs tot is dj outside the family, the band Kader
Go fuck your mre, shit ass, they talk through the dj
It's not easy to talk about love, work the factory
The beautiful gazelles break the china in the kitchen
The ca read trotting renovating reassures
But it's always the same shit, derrire dernire the layer
In painting, fire the dreams lie buried in the yard
At twelve lead, die, end up like Tupac Shakur
Mater photos, important today poto
A lot of friends are dj silent motorcycle
Once you win, you lose a thousand times, the future is a lottery
For that, I dedicates my texts in quality of ex-voto, man

Missing you and every day the buggers piss on your door
This is the minimum price gaffe
Those who psent transform the industry oppidum
Gel, s'lectrise atmosphere, there are plenty of seats
Bttn fig serves ice cold
The kids want to go out, the "no" fall like clubs
Artists in my ass, pumping subsidies dsu
So many lost energy for industrial prjugs
The financial dcideurs full of shit in the view
In the meantime, hopes foirent, capotent, some rap
Stones leave, cash stolen drape
It's a mess in high school, in the corridors are opened extinguishers
The area is the hunting ground of the inspectors
The back has an eye for the waters are filled with ceuils
Receuillir the bl, ds are played in a dark coffin
This is too much, shit potos Romo Profile
One of tchoc popo, do a good son and rodo
Life is hard, if you want the dream
They put the tire in the shit and you ca sell Ramsellef
You will say "OK, it's not too"
But the Tcherno, a hamidou when you have nothing, it's hot
I know what I mean, I, the btard
D I celebrate my twenty years with three bottles of Valstar
The end spot tonight is the King
In between, the walls are as Reserved parking spaces
But who can understand the full mne
That type after typing sec driven by hatred
And do not nat not programmed to make a hay
I think not tomorrow, because tomorrow is far

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