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Eminem - Dear Marshall-Eminem's Mom Lyrics

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Eminem Dear Marshall-Eminem's Mom Lyrics

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[ma opinion] ye..im doin dis cuz im bored

(ehhh.. dis song is disin Eminem awww :(
o ye n he aint gay ya stupid f*g...he don like u!!!aha dats hurten!

Written and produced at sound break dot com...

[sum lady]

will the real scott thompson please stand up..
please stand up
oooohhh dear..
I think we're gona have a problem here..

[some gay f*g who thinks eminem likes him...um ye keep dreamin
[first letter]

Dear eminem..i still havent heard back from you
but thats ok
i undertand you..cause i do it too
im always on the road like tom jones
i expect i'll be hearing from you pretty soon though..
cause i included a self-addressed envelope,
along with some stamps..
and just incase, i also put in my e-mail adress:
eminemluvsme@aol.buthedoesntnoityet.com (aha wut a loser!!)
i still think your da bomb

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anyway...im still with vince
ooh thats right! you havent met him!
If we ever adopt a special needs mix-raced child..
were gona name him eminem!!!

i hear youre divorcing Kim
i always thought you looked better with him!
dre completes you..
in the middle is where he meets you
I bet he had you
..and yo! dude!..
its so rare to have a black man stick around..
believe me,i know! (what a total f*g eh?)
hang onto him Marshal!

Everyone says im a dope for loving you like i do(o scott u have no idea!)
They say youre homo-fobic
i say your not!!(ehhh dats enuf budi nomore wit da eminem dises!)

Sincerly yours,Your Biggest Gay Fan,Scott

[chorus:]aaahhha dis chorus is pure jokes!!
your so angry all the timeee
i just dont see the point-acap

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