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Eminem - Dads Gone Crazy Lyrics

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Eminem Dads Gone Crazy Lyrics

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{*channel surfing until a kid's TV show*}
Hello boys and girls!
Today we're gonna talk about father and daughter relationships
Do you have a daddy? I'll bet you do!
Who's your daddy?

[Hailie] Daddy what are you doing?
[Em H] Okay then! Everybody, listen up!
[Eminem] I'm goin to hell! Who's comin with me?!
[Hailie] Somebody please help me! I think my dad's gone cray-zayy

There's no mountain I can't climb, there's no tower too high
No plane that I can't learn how to fly
What do I gotta do to get through to you
to show you there ain't nothin I can't take this chainsaw to?
{Hailie: *VROOM*} Fuckin brains, brawn and brass balls
I cut 'em off, and got 'em pickled and bronzed in a glass jar
inside of a hall with my framed autographed sunglasses
with Elton John's name, on my drag wall
I'm out the closet, I've been lyin my ass off
All this time me and Dre been fuckin with hats off
(Suck it Marshall!) So tell Laura and her husband to back off
before I push this motherfuckin button and blast off
and launch one at these Russians and that's all {*boom*}
Blow every fuckin thing except Afghanistan on the map off
When will it stop? When will I knock the crap off?
{*knocking*} Hailie, tell 'em baby - (My dad's lost it!)

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[Chorus: Eminem] {Hailie}
There's really nothin else to say, I-I can't explain it
{I think my dad's gone cray-zayy}
A little help from Hailie Jade, won't you tell 'em baby
{I think my dad's gone cray-zayy}
There's nothin you could do or say, that could ever change me
{I think my dad's gone cray-zayy}
There's no one on earth that can save me, not even Hailie
{I think my dad's gone cray-zayy}-

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