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Cat on form
Cat On Form was a four piece punk rock band from Brighton, UK. Their music was intense and sometimes chaotic but always remained strongly melodic. They combined elements of Dischord style angular rock music with harsher screamed punk sounds in the vein of Reversal of Man . Their lyrics and artwork often have strong political content, dealing with themes of dissatisfaction, anger, frustration, anticapitalism and the desire to make a positive change in the world. The initial line up of Dan, Jamie, Steve and Eva recorded the 'Butterfly Kiss the Tar of a Thousand Births' EP on Vacuous Pop and a full length album for Southern, 'Structure and Fear'. The release of the album was quite a big step for the band as it recieved world wide distribution. After extensive touring Eva left and their next record, 'Blanket Over Your Eyes' was written and recorded with their friend Tom playing drums in her place....
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