Pitbull Hey Baby The Official Music Video   

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November 09, 2010
New music video for "Hey Baby (Drop It To The Floor)" featuring T-Pain has been lately premiered by Pitbull. The song is the leading single from the rapper’s new studio album entitled "Planet Pit", which is expected to appear in stores on December 14th. With the help of French electro-house producer Sandy Vee the track can easily become a good part of Dj’s playlist. Full of electro sounds and rhythmical melody, "Hey Baby" is a perfect music for the dancefloor and has all the chances to reach the leading positions in Dance Charts. As for the video, it’s quite simple and reproduces the duet’s performance in the night club. They have a nice time on the stage and deliver an amazing show to the audience! Dj is playing, Pitbull and T-Pain are singing and the crowd is happy and ready to have fun! Not bad!

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