Michael Jackson – Hollywood Tonight (Video Premiere!)   

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March 10, 2011
Wayne Isham, the director of Michael Jackson’s classic "You Are Not Alone" visual, was invited to create a brand new clip for "Hollywood Tonight", the Teddy Riley produced song, lifted from Jackson‘s posthumous album "Michael" and the result of his work has just surfaced the Internet. It is interesting to mention, that the new video was shot at the very same location, where "You’re Not Alone" was filmed in 1995 – the Pantages Theatre.

According to the plot, a young woman wants to become a star and a famous dancer, that’s why she follows her dream and decides to arrive in Hollywood. Her story is the example of struggle, strength, and self-confidence. It shows that no matter what happens, stay on the chosen path and fight for your dreams! All the power is within you! Maybe there is nothing ground-breaking about this visual, but it’s great though! Give it a watch below!

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