Christina Aguilera at Justin Timberlake and Friends   

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October 26, 2010
Although Christina Aguilera is completely disturbed by the journalists who strive for her divorce details, the singer continues to work. We can’t but mention the great performance she delivered last weekend on Justin Timberlake & Friends' benefit concert which took place in the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino's Theatre For The Performing Arts in Las Vegas. "Not Myself Tonight" was one of the hits she performed at the concert. She showed herself not only as a perfect singer with clear and strong voice, but also as sexy, self-confident, ambitious and daring woman! We can see that her personal drama didn’t influence on the way she feels herself on the stage. Moreover, her fans are still waiting for the new movie "Burlesque", where diva has a debut as an actress. November the 24th is not that far, so we are all waiting for the premier!

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