Keyshia Cole Appeared On “Conan”!   

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January 21, 2011
Keyshia Cole has recently appeared on TBS’s "Conan O'Brien Live" show and delivered the first TV performance of the new Chink Santana-produced single "Take Me Away" lifted from her latest album "Calling Out Hearts", which has already reached the point of 200,000 copies sold in the US. By the way, her fourth studio album follows her previous three platinum selling CD’s, so we sincerely hope that "Calling Out Hearts" will be even more successful.

Speaking about her performance on "Conan", can’t but mention that she sounded nice, but her voice was shaking a bit and the back dancer’s style of dancing was kind of weird. Moreover, they should have chosen more elegant getups to match up with her. As for Keyshia, she looked sweet though wearing the cute pink dress. By the way, they say the music video for "Take Me Away" will be dropped out soon!

And here is one more announcement: Keyshia has just informed via her Twitter account that she finally decided to part ways with Manny Halley - the manager she has been working with so long. Don’t know what the reasons are and who will take Manny’s place, so we are impatiently waiting for the further information!

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