Taylor Swift - Back To December (The Official Music Video!)   

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January 14, 2011
The American country singer Taylor Swift has finally premiered the music video for "Back To December". The song is the official second single listed in her absolutely successful album "Speak Now", which has already reached the point of 3 million sold copies! Impressive!

As for the music video, the Yoann Lemoine-directed clip was made in the chilly pastel colors - a good decision! And the snowflakes falling from the ceiling is also a good and interesting idea. The video is very soulful, heartfelt, but quite somber. Anyhow, the atmosphere of the song was reproduced perfectly! According to the plot, Taylor is sitting in her room, thinking about the relationship with her ex - she suffers from the love she lost, but she is trying to be brave.

Some people claim that "Back to December" is actually an apology to Taylor's ex-boyfriend. Well, maybe. As the country princess has lately announced, it was the first time she apologized to someone in a song. "Whether it’s good or bad, but the person I wrote this song about, deserves this. The person was great to me, in our relationship, and I was really careless with him. The song is full of words that I would say to him", - the singer reported.

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