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Jay-z A Billi Ft. Lil Wayne Lyrics

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Guru turn this shit up (OW!)
I know a million people already did this
Let's make it a billion
Get busy, happy birthday my nigga

Geah, a billi, a billi, a billi a billionaire
Call me Philly Collins, I feel a billion is in the air
I affiliate, with Billy Cakes, that's my pair
And Jah-ma-nillionaire is my consigliere
When I wear, Billionaire, Boys Clubs it's more than care
I don't wear it cause Pharrell, I wear it cause I'm fo'real
I see Benjamins and a billion other big head people
I'm a natural born hustler, Marcy Projects motherfucker
Turned professional journalist reportin, live from the gutter
My girl, carry boxcutters, rubbers, shoot up with undercovers screamin
FUCK THE WORLD, why, cause, don't nobody love us
Shawn Carter, Sean Bell, what's the difference? Do tell
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50 shots or 50 mill', ain't no difference go to hell
So, BRRRAK, lick a shot for, BRRRACK Obama, change gon' come-ah
I'ma buy the whole hood llamas on me
Roc nation army, million strong and the mantra's gon' be
It is whatever it's gon' be, on three
Shawn, in the Hum V, y'all can call it cold warm
Declarin, I'm free, bumpin 'Pac and the Outlawz
I'm flyer than all outdoors, I ball out pours
I buy, champagne companies, I'm past buyin out bars
But I do that, I'm so past, G5's and G4's
But I flew, back, back and forth like Aaliyah (rest in peace to ya)
Takes a nation of millions to hold us back
But when your boy reach a billion it's a wrap (off of RAP?) YEAH!
Roc nation it takes a nation to stop
I'm signin off, it's the hood's Barack, BRRRACK!

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Motherfucker I'm ill!
Motherfucker I'm ill

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